Mafia 3 Officially Confirmed, More Info Coming at Gamescom


Mafia 3 is officially in development, 2K has confirmed.

Following years of rumors, 2K Games on Tuesday officially announced Mafia III.

An image released on Twitter teases the location and time period for Mafia 3, though 2K has yet to confirm the information. We also see four people backlit by headlights in cars.

No information was provided regarding platforms, but the game’s website reveals the newly formed Hangar 13 to be the developer. Mafia II was developed by 2K Czech. Haden Blackman, who worked at LucasArts in the 1990s and 2000s, is leading the team at Hangar 13.

The announcement may come as a surprise to some, but those of you following the series diligently will know that 2K recently registered domain names for it.

More recently, in January 2015, voice actor Rick Pasqualone, who played Mafia 2 protagonist Vito Scaletta, teased that a new Mafia game may be announced soon.

“Might have some Mafia news very soon,” he said on Twitter at the time. To another, who bluntly said, “make Mafia 3,” Pasqualone replied: “Might have some exciting news very soon.”

“Mafia III is the next installment in the popular series known for immersing players into a world of organized crime through rich narrative storytelling and a beautifully crafted game world featuring period-accurate cars, music, and fashion,” 2K said in a statement.

Details are thin on the ground at the moment, though more will apparently be revealed at Gamescom, where the official announcement trailer will be revealed on August 5 at 5am PT / 8 am PT / 1pm GMT.

So what do you think? Does this news of Mafia 3 being real excite you? What do you think will be revealed on Aug. 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Mafia 3 Domains Registered by Take-Two: Announcement Imminent?

Take-Two Registered A Number Of Mafia 3 Domains

Take-Two recently registered a number of domains related to Mafia 3, including,,, and

These domains, registered on June 25th, were first found by NeoGAF user ekim on domain tracking site Daily Changes.

Most publishers take measures to mask their name on things like domain registrations and trademark applications, but this time the domain’s WhoIs entry was screencapped before all mention of Take-Two Games was removed.

Click on the screenshots below to zoom in.

Mafia 3 TakeTwo WhoIs Domain Screen Mafia 3 TakeTwo WhoIs Domain Screen 2





The third installment in the Mafia series was originally revealed as a launch title for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One all the way back in 2012, which obviously never happened.

Buttressing the rumor is the video playing below, showing the Mafia 2 logo morphing into Mafia 3, followed by “2016.” This too is entirely unverified, but earlier this year, Mafia 2 voice actor Rick Pasqualone tweeted in January that he “might have some Mafia news very soon!” Put it all together and it certainly starts to look like… well, something.

Based on the new domain registrations, several fans are anticipating a Mafia III reveal at Gamescom, which will take place August 5-9. Nothing is confirmed yet, of course, but we’ll keep you updated.

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Mafia Voice Actor Teases Mafia 3

Vito Scaletta In Mafia 3 Game Tesed on Twitter

Fans of the Mafia crime action series from 2K Games may not have much longer to wait to learn about the next installment in the franchise. Voice actor Rick Pasqualone, who played Mafia II protagonist Vito Scaletta in the 2010 game, teases on Twitter that a new Mafia game may be announced soon.

“Might have some Mafia news very soon,” he said to one fan. To another, who bluntly said, “make Mafia 3,” Pasqualone replied: “Might have some exciting news very soon.”

A third Mafia game has been rumored since March 2012, when an anonymous source said the game had entered full production. Later that year, another report said Mafia 3 game was in development at 2K Czech for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS4), and was going to be a launch title for those platforms. However, the game reportedly suffered from production issues, and those plans were apparently scuttled.

Then in January 2014, 2K Games closed 2K Czech’s main office, sending some developers to a satellite studio in Brno and others to 2K’s main headquarters in Novato, California.

If Mafia III is in development, it is unclear which studio would be leading development on the video game. One possibility is 2K’s newest studio, Hangar 13, which opened in December 2014. The developer, led by Star Wars veteran Haden Blackman, is working on a top-secret game that uses proprietary tech, though little else is known about the project.

2K Games parent company Take-Two Interactive said in March 2013 that it has an “extensive pipeline” of unannounced games in development. Could Mafia III be one of those titles? We may not have to wait much longer to find out.

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Retailer lists Mafia 3 for PS4, Xbox One: Pre-Orders opening soon?


Massive online retailer Play-Asia has caused a bit of a gaming stir by listing Mafia 3 for release on both PS4 and Xbox One.

The listing adds further fuel to the fire that one of 2K Games’ latest studios, Hangar 13 – fronted by famed Star Wars developer Haden Blackman – will be working on a sequel to the well-received Wise Guy-orientated franchise.

Retailer Play-Asia lists Mafia 3 game

The news comes after a flurry of games having been leaked due to premature listings on various retailing sites – most notably that of Resident Evil Revelations 2. The description in the listing itself borrows heavily from the website’s Mafia II game, leading to the presumption that it’s just placeholder. Still, time will tell.

While still strictly unconfirmed – we’d hazard a guess that there’s a little more substance to this than initially presumed.

Would you fancy delving into Mafia III? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Mafia 3 is One of The Most Anticipated Games of 2015


A paradise for gangsters, a sprawling city that lives and breathes as your life intertwines with its lavish yet crooked inner-workings. Empire Bay in Mafia II could have been the enchanting, enveloping metropolis that Grand Theft Auto games continue to contain: instead, playing Mafia II was more like racing around a museum of gorgeous paintings, glancing at beauty but never truly experiencing it.

If Mafia III does indeed become a reality, and the fictional Empire Bay continues to be the series’ playground, the key to making the game a success will be to emulate what Rockstar do so well with their cities. 2K Czech – who we have to assume will be the developers behind the next Mafia game – need to breathe life into their city, to give those exploring it far more to experience beyond simply driving around it.

Mafia 3 has been confirmed to be in development, but whether or not we’ll see it in 2015 remains to be seen. I sincerely hope we do, because the PS4 and Xbox One are both consoles which a game like it would suit brilliantly. An explorative narrative-driven action-adventure game like Mafia II deserves a next-gen sequel which builds upon what it did so well, utilising what the new consoles can offer from a technical standpoint.


Mafia 2 was immensely atmospheric at times, a sublime decade-spanning soundtrack complimenting a game which often impressed with wonderfully constructed set-pieces and character development. This is what we should expect as a minimum from Mafia III game, whether or not we remain in the shoes of anti-protagonist Vito Scaletta.

With projects like LA Noire, Boardwalk Empire and Gangster Squad all at least attempting to boast exciting stories set in the 1930s and 40s, we should hope that Mafia III will still feel relevant and fresh when it’s finished and ready for a fickle public’s consumption. 2K Czech may not want to rush things though, especially given that Mafia II was in development for seven years.

Of course, the internet is alive with speculation, as the rumour mill churns furiously. For now, we can only consider the ‘what if’s and ‘if we’re lucky’s… but if you’d like to whet your hype appetite, there’s an extensive wishlist on the Mafia Game Wiki which reads like the checklist for making the perfect Mafia games. If 2K Czech consider introducing things such as an online multiplayer component, the “ability to choose a mafia family” or ever – dare I wish for it myself – “more little missions”.


Empire Bay could be a place teeming with side objectives, with characters by the dozen requiring the services of your protagonist for a plethora of relevant requests. In Mafia II, the extent to which you could stray from the main story and find things to do (beyond simply driving around) amounted to robbing shops and selling stolen cars. Police chases felt like hollow pursuits; one could argue Mafia II is semi-linear, given the distinctive lack of coveted surplus content.

If Mafia III could be a game several times the size of Mafia II – not so much literally in scale, but more in terms of what there is to do within it – then the series will find its true legs and we’ll get to experience something extraordinary. Not that Mafia II game didn’t ever feel extraordinary, it’s just that the enjoyable experience was tainted by the possibilities. 2K Czech made an unfinished masterpiece, and we would love nothing more than to see them finish what they’ve started.

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Mafia 3 May be Set in Louisiana According to Casting Call

Mafia III
Mafia III
Mafia IIIcould take place in an open-world Louisiana, if a casting call from Take-Two is to bThe casting call was published online by AGB, and reveals that Take-Two, the parent company of Mafia game publisher 2K, is looking for three actors for voice over, motion capture and facial scans. All three characters it’s looking to cast were born in Louisiana.

Mafia 3 Louisiana Casting

Mafia III could take place in an open-world Louisiana, if a casting call from Take-Two is to be believed.

The casting call was published online by AGB, and reveals that Take-Two, the parent company of Mafia publisher 2K, is looking for three actors for voice over, motion capture and facial scans. All three characters it’s looking to cast were born in Louisiana.

Three characters were listed on the document, along with the following biographies:

Mafia III
Mafia III

Born in Louisiana, Mixed race – African American/Caucasian, Early 20s, 6′, Bouncer’s build – broad, not cut. An orphan in the racially segregated South who rises to criminal prominence after returning home to Louisiana from war. Having been an outsider to both white and black society, Franklin is fiercely loyal to those he considers “family.” He is both street-smart and strong. Disciplined and imposing, confident yet guarded, Franklin knows how to get a job done at any cost…

Born in Louisiana, Italian, Early 30s, Thin, Immaculately dressed and groomed. A genius with numbers and statistics who runs sports betting operations in Louisiana. Tony is not your typical gangster. Meticulous and organized, Tony is more concerned about numbers and profit than people. On the surface, Tony appears quiet and socially awkward, but in reality he is more than capable of inflicting violence on anyone who disrupts his bottom line. Tony doesn’t fear people; he simply does not understand or like them.

Born in Louisiana, Italian, Late Teens/Early 20s, Average build. A young street hustler who likes to run his mouth, Mickey likes to talk big on the streets, but when push comes to shove, he can’t back it up. Mickey has a bad habit of taking credit for bigger jobs and making himself seem higher up in the criminal ladder than he really is. When confronted with this, he reverts back to the scared teenager he really is.

The trio of Louisiana natives are Franklin, Tony and Mickey. Franklin is in his early 20s, and “knows how to get a job done at any cost”. Tony is in his early 30s, and is apparently “a genius with numbers and statistics who runs sports betting operations”. Finally, Mickey is in his late teens, who “likes to run his mouth” and acts as a street hustler. Sadly, he can’t back his big talk up with much.

Though 2K Games publish a wide number of titles, the focus on crime makes it seem increasingly likely that Mafia 3 is what we’re dealing with. Fingers crossed that an open-world New Orleans is on the cards.

We heard rumours some time ago that 2K Czech was working on the third installment in the franchise, targeting PS4 and Xbox One. 2K’s goal of having the game available for the launch of both systems was likely affected when 2K Czech suffered layoffs in 2011. However, with Mafia 3 remaining an unannounced game project, we’ve never received any official word about its status. Seeing as 2K Czech was massively restructured earlier this year, it’s unclear if development was rebooted, though casting seems to be a positive sign.

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2K Czech restructuring, Mafia 3′s future unclear

Mafia 3 developer 2K Czech restructuring

Mafia 3′s rumoured developer 2K Czech is said to be closing its Prague office amid restructuring efforts at the publisher. Lay-offs and staff moves to the studio’s second Czech office are expected.

UPDATE: Eurogamer has received an official update from 2K Games, which reads:

“We have relocated and consolidated our 2K Czech team from our Prague facility to centralize resources in our location in Brno.”

“Additionally, we are transferring some development resources from Prague and Brno to 2K headquarters in Novato, CA. This transition will both strengthen the integration of the 2K Czech team with our award winning development teams, and better align cross-functional business practices. As part of this realignment, we are adjusting our staffing levels, resulting in the elimination of some positions.”

ORIGINAL STORY: It comes from a report by Eurogamer CZ, which suggests that 2K Czech team will cut down on staff, and move remaining employees to its second office in the city of Brno, which is where Mafia 2 was developed.

In addition, ten prominent developers at the Prague studio are being relocated to 2K’s site in Navato, California. Eurogamer ponders whether or not this means Mafia 3′s development has moved to the US.

We know that 2K Czech made a round of lay-offs last year, with one key employee finding his feet at Kojima Productions

Besides Mafia, 2K Czech also developed the Top Spin and Vietcong series. It had also been developing new IP Moscow Rhapsody, a WWII shooter that was canned in 2009.

If followed word of a ‘super-interesting’ triple-a title in development at the studio. All bets are currently on Mafia 3 game.

We’ll have more as 2K updates us.

Source: vg247

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Mafia 3 Will Be Announced at Gamescom?

Mafia 3 Gamescom

2K Games Has a Surprise Announcement for Gamescom

2K Games is readying its lineup for Gamescom and decided to tweet what they have in store for the event. Amongst their lineup are the usual suspects — The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, NBA 2K14, WWE 2K14 — but the end of their list revealed that they have a surprise which they plan on unveiling later this month in Germany.

While anyone’s guess is as good as the next, there seems to be an overwhelming consensus that 2K is planning on lifting the curtains on a next-gen Mafia 3. With rumors having cropped up last year about the game’s home at 2K Czech and push from current gen systems to next gen, there’s a fair bit of (possibly legitimate) data backing this outcome. Also, it was said that 2K Czech and Rockstar Games decided to share tech with each other, meaning we may see the Mafia game series taken to all new levels of sophistication and complexity.

We’ll know for sure once Gamescom kicks off, but until then keep checking back for more info as this story develops.

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Mafia 3 Most Wanted Next-Gen

Mafia 3 GameWhen Mafia game released back in 2002 on PC, it set a benchmark for open world sandbox video games. Not in terms of gameplay, or entertainment value, but in storytelling. Mafia weaved a complex narrative over a decade, concluding with a scene that will be hailed as one of the most memorable in video gaming history.

The story was a simple tale of rags to riches, casting players as Thomas Angelo, a cab driver trying to make an honest living. His innocent lifestyle soon turns to one of corruption and greed however, when he unwillingly becomes involved with the Salieri family. Granted, the narrative follows a formula typical of films within the genre, a la The Godfather or Goodfellas, but contains intricate characters of its own that help make Mafia a standout piece of storytelling.

It was critically and commercially well received, despite often standing in the shadow of the GTA franchise, despite their thematic differences. As a result, Mafia game has a stronger cult following than the mass interest garnered by Rockstar Games blockbusters.

Whereas GTA prided itself on Michael Bay-esque mission structure, and eccentric character design, Mafia was firmly rooted in the grounds of realism, attempting to capture 20’s and 30’s America as accurately as possible. Like Driver, the main focus of gameplay was driving, with over 50 classic American cars on offer, each offering different handling and horsepower.

Mafia 3 Game

Mafia III In Development For Next-Gen Consoles

The odd chase and shootout was thrown in for good measure, along with an infuriating race mission. What tied all these together however was the game’s cutscenes, which drew players in thanks to unrivalled cinematography and photo-realistic environments relevant to the setting

This realism was pushed further in gameplay, with police booking players for minor offences including speeding or running a red light, as well as car crashes. In the modern era of gaming, such features could potentially cause gamers frustration due to constant reprimand, but at its time, Mafia was hailed for allowing and encouraging players to follow the laws of that era.

Despite its success, it was eight years before Illusion Softworks, developers of the original Mafia, reformed into 2K Czech to make Mafia 2. Whereas the original focused on America in the 20’s and 30’s, its sequel brought players into the 40s and 50s, post World War 2.

Whilst Mafia was renowned for its accurate driving representation, and photo-realistic environments, Mafia 2 invested a larger portion of its time in combat, refining and rebuilding the mechanics that made the original’s shootouts clunky and irritating. A cover system was integrated featuring destructible objects, giving combat a more dynamic feel, and allowing variety in approach.

Like the original, 2K Czech emphasised immersion via its cutscenes, which once again rivalled benchmarks of the genre. These were created in real-time, rather than pre-rendered, ensuring that any player factors were included, such as choice of vehicle and current damage.

The game also paid homage to the conclusion of the original, with a fantastic mission that causes the protagonists from both games to meet, leading to bittersweet results. Overall, the game wasn’t as critically acclaimed as the original, due to its emphasis on repetitious tasks and less engaging characters. Combine this with excessive profanity, and Mafia 2 ends up trying too hard to weave a mature narrative, and ends up falling into generic gangster affair.

Mafia 3 GameMoving forward to 2013, the world of video games is bereft of realistic criminal capers. It’s widely rumoured that Mafia 3 is already in development for next-gen consoles, although details remain unknown. Regardless, this doesn’t stop it from being one of my most anticipated games, whether it’s in development or not.

Personally, I’d like to see the Mafia franchise enter the modern era, akin to The Sopranos, widely hailed as the greatest TV series ever made. An injection of dark comedy, combined with the juxtaposition of modern life and managing a criminal syndicate could help fend off the stale formula of a ‘rags-to-riches’ tale.

It could also benefit from allowing player input in the form of decisions that affect the core narrative, albeit not to the extent of Mass Effect, bur similar to GTA 4, whereby critical moments allow you to pick multiple choices in terms of progression. This could lead to a dynamic conclusion, whereby resulting actions affect the ending, preventing the predictability that has tarnished gangster capers for years.

We all know that in such stories, the criminal enterprise has to fall, due to its dependence on greed, profits, and trafficking, otherwise the good guys wouldn’t win, and criminal activity would look all the more lucrative to the innocent man. Therefore, the outcomes of such films and games within the genre can often be predicted before they’ve even entered production. If Mafia 3 allowed players to be accountable for their own choices, it could help the narrative feel unique to the individual, rather than an unwavering plot of linearity leashed round the player’s neck.

A greater emphasis also needs to be placed on the protagonist’s interaction with his or her surrounding environment. Currently in the franchise, the environment has simply served as a backdrop, a reflection if you will of the present era. This contradicts the work of the Mafia however, who usually have a large say in the economics of local business and politics. By integrating the environment into the gameplay, Mafia 3 could present a dynamic world, rather than a static one, opening gameplay features such as racketeering and bribery.

Mafia 3 GameUntil Mafia 3 is announced however, such presumptions are all speculation. In the meantime, go back and experience the first two games of the franchise if you haven’t already. You’ll likely find yourself blown away by the game’s scope, immersion, and storytelling, which set a foundation for every sandbox game that followed.

To miss out on such classics would be criminal.

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2K Czech hiring for Mafia 3?

2K Czech studio is working on Mafia III

Developer 2K Czech has posted a job listing for a new unannounced triple-A project, further bolstering previous reports that the studio is working on Mafia 3.

The job listings, spotted by NowGamer, pertain to a “top secret, unannounced & super interesting project” and will facilitate development of the company’s “next AAA title.”

Could this be a third entry in the acclaimed Mafia game franchise? While nothing has been confirmed, all evidence certainly points that way.

Rumblings of Mafia 3 have been doing the rounds for some time now, with reports dating back to August claiming the mobster sequel was in development game for next-generation consoles.

The latest game in the series, Mafia 2, was released back in 2010 for PlayStation 3 (PS3), PC and Xbox 360.

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